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Writing engaging newsletter ad copy

I’d like to share some tips for writing an engaging copy for newsletter sponsorships across Bonobo Press publications. These are targeted to our niche audience of software developers, engineering managers, and tech executives. They are not hard rules but things that I’ve seen working well over the years.


Firstly, decide on the main goal of your campaign. That could be:

This decision should drive the ad copy content that generates the right engagement.

Blogs, case studies, e-books and how-to guides are perfect tool for increasing your brand awareness and boost your content strategy.

On the other hand, a landing pages or a niche webinar with supporting copy is a great way to generate qualified leads.


Good values when writing a copy for technical audience are:

Technical audience is extremely sensitive to false claims and sales-y pitches. You have a product that solves their giant pain point. Simply introduce it and explain how you are solving audience’s problem.


  1. Have a clear value proposition tailored to the audience. Use it in title and description.

  2. Don’t be vague and make sure you communicate outcomes.

  3. Exact numbers that back your value proposition draw attention.

  4. Use credibility elements and social proof.

  5. Use your brand name wisely. The best performing ads are the ones that don’t look like ads.

  6. Don’t be afraid of using technical language.

  7. If the copy works, run it again.


Linode in Programming Digest boosting their content strategy.

Free O’Reilly eBook: Infrastructure as Code

Development teams for companies worldwide are attempting to build large infrastructure codebases. Download this eBook and learn how to effectively use principles, practices, and patterns pioneered by DevOps teams to manage cloud-age infrastructure.

Progress in C# Digest boosting their content strategy.

7 Tips for Building a Good Web API

Creating a good API requires some extra care. Check out in this blog post seven tips that will help you create a good API in ASP.NET Core.

IronSoftware in C# Digest increasing brand awareness.

Choosing the Right PDF Library: A Comprehensive Comparison by Jeff Fritz

Microsoft MVP Jeff, compares popular HTML to PDF libraries (iTextSharp, Syncfusion, Aspose, IronPDF) based on ease of use, performance, functionality, render quality, and pricing. Developers can make an informed decision based on their specific requirements.

DevCycle in Leadership in Tech generating qualified leads.

Feature flags, without the tech debt

DevCycle’s feature flag management platform makes it easy to create, rollout, and clean up feature flags without disrupting your workflow. DevCycle integrates seamlessly with popular development tools like GitHub, JIRA and VSCode, and supports all major SDKs so that you can ship faster alongside the tools you already love. Free for up to 1000 Client-Side MAUs. Get started today.

Swimm in Programming Digest generating qualified leads.

Code documentation where it makes sense: in the IDE 🤯

Code documentation makes sense when it’s part of your development flow. Create and edit docs that appear next to relevant code, and trust Swimm to keep them up to date. Available for VSCode and JetBrains.

FusionAuth in React Digest generating qualified leads.

Adding Authentication to Your React App

Authentication is one of those things that always takes more effort than you want. Instead of adding static libraries (that you need to update and maintain), you can an auth provider that stays up-to-date automatically and comes with pre-built components. Check out how easy it is to add registration & log in with this React SDK from FusionAuth.