Our mission is to keep programmers up to date on the latest trends, tools, and technologies. We publish weekly newsletters for software developers, team leaders, and other technologists. The content is hand curated and limited to only top 5 links per week. This way we keep our readers highly engaged with the content without overwhelming them.

Our partners’ advertisements range from technical books, online courses, software tools and products, jobs, conferences, and many others.

We will help you reach out to the perfect target audience, connect them with your product, and generate engagement, leads, and conversions.

Recent sponsors

  • Gitlab
  • O’Reilly
  • Manning
  • MongoDB
  • Toptal


Open rate 80% (40% unique) where CTR ranges from 5-15% for the advertisement.

  • 75% US
  • 15% EU
  • 10% Rest of the world
  • 70% Software Developer
  • 25% Team and tech lead
  • 3% CTO
  • 2% QA, project manager, or other


C# Digest

Windows and .NET developers using C# for building desktop, web applications, and Xamarin applications
Subscribers: 15 500
Sponsorship cost per issue: $300

Programming Digest

General audience with various backgrounds, mostly web and desktop developers
Subscribers: 9 000
Sponsorship cost per issue: $175

React Digest

Javascript developers using Facebook’s React framework and React Native
Subscribers: 4 000
Sponsorship cost per issue: $75

Elixir Digest

Elixir, Erlang and Ruby developers interested in functional programming and Phoenix web framework
Subscribers: 2 700
Sponsorship cost per issue: $50

AI Digest
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, statistics. For data scientists, engineers and technologists.
Subscribers: 2 000
Sponsorship cost per issue: $30

Advertisement format

The format of the newsletter is text only. Text works best and generates the highest engagement. Your advertisement will be at the top of the newsletter before the main content.

We will need from you:

  • Link Address (URL),
  • Title (less than 100 chars works the best),
  • Short description (less than 400 chars tends to work the best).

Order process

Our advertising queue is filling up fast so if you have a time sensitive advertisement, please reach out a few weeks in advance to make sure there is an open slot.

  1. Send us your request
  2. Availability and order confirmation
  3. Invoice & Payment
  4. Locking down the dates
  5. Advertising content and consultation
  6. The ad goes live

After you send us your request we will get back to you with the best audience and newsletters for it and available dates. After that, we will send you an invoice and after the payment is made we will lock down the dates. Then we will get the advertising material and can give you tips on tweaking the copy to work the best with our audience. When all that is done, the ad goes live and we can provide you with more insights (clicks, open rate, …).