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Our mission is to keep programmers and technologists up to date on the latest trends, tools, and technologies. We publish daily and weekly newsletters for software developers, engineering managers, CTOs, and other people in software delivery. The content is carefully curated and it keeps our readers highly engaged.

Our partners’ advertisements range from software tools and products, jobs, conferences, webinars, books, and courses.

We will help you reach out to the perfect target audience, connect them with your product, and generate engagement, leads, and conversions.

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Most of our subscribers are in US and Europe.

All subscribers are technologists with software developers being the majority. There is a significant portion of engineering managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs and other decision makers in leadership positions.


We run the following publications.

C# Digest

A weekly newsletter for Windows and .NET developers using C# to build native desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Programming Digest

A weekly newsletter for software engineers, web developers, and desktop application programmers.

React Digest

A weekly newsletter for front-end developers using React to build interactive web applications.

Tech Lead Digest

A weekly newsletter for engineering managers, technical leaders, CTOs, and other technologists in leadership positions.

Daily Tech

A daily newsletters for entrepreneurs, founders, technical leaders, software developers and other people involved in tech.

Newsletter Subscribers Open rate Price
C# Digest 25,500 43% $890
Programming Digest 16,800 43.5% $590
React Digest 18,000 45% $630
Tech Lead Digest 14,000 51.5% $770
Daily Tech 1,800 50% $70
What CTR (click-through rate) should I expect?
It highly depends on the type of the campaign and the quality of the ad copy. Brand awareness through content marketing delivers more clicks than a niche product push focused on direct sales. In general, CTR ranges anywhere from 1-15% with an average of 2-4% across each publication. Those percentages are from the total number of subscribers.

Advertisement format

The format of the newsletter is text only. Text works best and generates the highest engagement. Your advertisement will be part of the newsletter within the main content.

Here is a sample of a sponsored content from an issue of Programming Digest.

And the copy format is:

The deadline for the copy is 4 days before the publishing date.

Order process

Our advertising queue is filling up fast so if you have a time sensitive advertisement, please reach out a few weeks in advance to make sure there is an open slot.

  1. Send us your request
  2. Availability and order confirmation
  3. Invoice & Payment
  4. Advertising content and consultation
  5. The ad goes live

After you send us your request we will get back to you and suggest the best audience and newsletters along with available dates. After that, we will send you an invoice and after the payment is made we will lock down the dates. Then we will work together on the copy and can give you tips on tweaking it to our audience. When all that is done, the ad goes live and we can provide you with more insights on performance.


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